Gluten Free Products

Jamestown Mills specializes in supplying bakeries of all sizes, manufacturers, bulk food stores and basically anything that is involved in the gluten free industry.We earn your business by standing behind our products in what we mill and distribute. Our milling is batch tested by the tonne by a third party accredited lab.Our flours are whole grain stone milled, and we offer custom milling for customers who need a specific granulation.

  • Jamestown Mills All Purpose Gluten Free Flour No GMO Jamestown Mills All Purpose Gluten Free Flour

    Our own blend of 5 ingredients for a multi purpose white wholegrain flour, great for breads, cookies, and dessert type flours.

  • Cassava / Tapioca Flour No GMO Cassava / Tapioca Flour

    made from the dried root of the plant and milled into a fine powder. (not starch). Adds a smooth soft texture similar to wheat in baking, a great alternative to improve baking functionality.

  • Fava Bean Flour No GMO Fava Bean Flour

    Fava bean flour is a great replacement for wheat flour. Beans are high in protein and fiber, which decrease sugar flow into the blood stream, which is beneficial to most diabetics. Use in place of rice or wheat flour. Fava bean flour is great for breads, pizza, cakes, and cookie recipes.

  • Organic Amaranth Flour No GMO Organic Amaranth Flour

    Amaranth is a gluten-free food and a source of complete protein—it contains all the essential amino acids, including lysine, which is lacking in most grains. Amaranth has an earthy, nutty flavor and can be cooked and used in breads to give a boost of nutrition and a crunchy texture. High in fiber and a good source of magnesium and iron, Amaranth is a spectacular addition to your diet.

  • White/Brown Rice Flour No GMO White/Brown Rice Flour

    White rice flour is naturally gluten-free, rich in carbohydrates and low in fat. White rice flour can be used to bake cakes, cookies, dumplings, breads and more, as well as thicken sauces and coat fish and other proteins.

  • Sorghum Flour No GMO Sorghum Flour

    Along with its low glycemic load factor, Sorghum Flour is ideal for diabetics. Sorghum is an excellent source of dietary fibre, protein, phosphorus, and iron and is a good source of niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, and potassium.

  • Millet Flour No GMO Millet Flour

    Our Millet flour has a light, mild flavor, making it perfect for sweet or savory baking. It lends a delicate cake-like crumb to your baked goods. Replace up to 25% of the flour in your recipe with millet flour for added nutrition. It adds whole grain nutrition and has a mild flavor, not something you find often with gluten free flours.

  • Yellow Corn Flour No GMO Yellow Corn Flour

    Yellow corn flour is finely ground from clean, hulled and degermed yellow corn kernels. It can be used to make tortillas, flatbreads or added to other baked goods such as pancakes, muffins, and cookies. It is also an excellent thickening agent for soup or gravy mixes.

  • Chickpea Flour No GMO Chickpea Flour

    Chick Peas are an excellent source of the essential trace element molybdenum. They are a very good source of fiber, folic acid, and manganese. They are an important source of macro nutrients and protein, as well as minerals such as iron, magnesium, copper, and zinc.

  • Teff Flour No GMO Teff Flour

    Teff has a very high calcium content, and significant levels of the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, boron, barium, and thiamin. Teff is high in protein. It has an excellent amino acid composition including all 8 essential amino acids.

  • White Quinoa No GMO White Quinoa

    Organic Quinoa Flour (pronounced keen-wa) is the most nutritious grain available. It is also one of the oldest cultivated grains in the world. Quinoa is high in protein, calcium and iron. Use this delicate flour when baking. You can substitute this flour for half of the all-purpose flour in many recipes or completely replace wheat flour in cakes and cookie recipes.

  • Xanthan Gum No GMO Xanthan Gum

    Xanthan gum has a number of powerful properties. First, it works as an emulsifier, encouraging liquids that normally don't like one another to mix together. Second, it works as thickener, increasing the viscosity of liquids and batters. Third, it can create a creamy texture.

  • Tapioca Starch No GMO Tapioca Starch

    Tapioca starch helps bind gluten free recipes and improves the texture of baked goods. Tapioca helps add crispness to crusts and chew to baked goods. Tapioca starch is extremely smooth, which makes for a great thickener in sauces, pies and soups since it never discolors and contains no discernible taste or smell. It can also be used to replace corn starch (use 2 Tbsp tapioca starch for each 1 Tbsp corn starch). Moreover, it never coagulates or separates when refrigerated or frozen.

  • Sweet Rice No GMO Sweet Rice

    Sweet Rice-also called "sticky or glutinous rice," is very starchy and has exceptional binding qualities. It is an excellent ingredient for baking gluten free muffins, breads, pastries and cakes. It is also a superb thickener for soups, sauces and gravies. Milled here at Jamestown mills from short grain rice.

  • Arrow Root Starch No GMO Arrow Root Starch

    Arrowroot starch does not turn sauces cloudy, and it works at temperatures below a simmer. There is a secret to a smooth sauce with arrowroot starch. Bring the sauce base to a simmer over medium-low heat. Next, whisk ¼ cup water and 2 Tbsp. arrowroot starch together to make a slurry. Stir the slurry into the simmering sauce and heat for one minute or until thickened.

  • Various Sugars No GMO Various Sugars

    Evaporated cane juice-juice which is evaporated and crystallized the day it is harvested to retain even the last ounce of sweetness.

  • Potato Starch No GMO Potato Starch

    Potato Starch is used as a thickener for sauces, soups, and stews. Potato starch tolerates higher temperatures than cornstarch when used as a thickener. It's a natural way to add moistness to many baked goods.

  • Flax, Whole and Ground No GMO Flax, Whole and Ground

    Recent research studies have shown that ground flax can be added to baked foods without sacrificing large amounts of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), their showcase omega-3 fatty acid that accounts for over half of their total fat content. Whole flaxseeds will typically last for 6-12 months when stored in an airtight container in a dark, cool dry spot. If directly refrigerated, they may last for 1-2 years.

  • Sunflower-Bakers Kernels No GMO Sunflower-Bakers Kernels

    It is a native species to North America and was used by American Indians for an important, high-energy food source. Spanish explorers carried it with them to Europe. Sunflower seed kernels often appear on salad bars, but also add crunch and nutrients when used in waffle and pancake batter, as a topping for casseroles and steamed vegetables, or as a garnish on grain dishes, tuna salad and canned fruit. Offer them in baked goods and on sundae bars. Sprouted sunflower seeds add interest to salads and sandwiches.

Avena Foods Purity Protocol
  • Oat Flakes from Jamestown Mills No GMO Oat Flakes

    Pure oats are healthy for all and safe for those on a gluten-free diet. Oats are low in fat and a good source of fibre, iron and other nutrients. Pure oats provide fibre and nutrition often lacking in the gluten-free diet.

  • Oat Flakes from Jamestown Mills No GMO Quick Oat Flakes

    Best gluten free oats. Perfect for porridge or baking. These oats look and taste the same as regular oats, only they are certified to be free of wheat, barley and rye. quick flakes are a fast and easy breakfast for those busy mornings. They are also great in baking for a finer texture than rolled oats. The oats are low in saturated fat, high in fiber and iron, and have no sugar or preservatives added.

  • Oat flour No GMO oat flour

    Gluten Free Oat flour is made by milling whole grain steel cut oats and oat flakes. It bakes up like a charm and is a hearty alternative to whole-wheat flour. The flour is low in saturated fat, high in fiber and iron, and has no sugar or preservatives added.